How to Record a Vocal Track

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Love to sing? Think you have the voice to actually make a real recording? If so, read this article to find out how to!


  1. Creating a killer vocal recording is easy if you follow these methods. A great vocal can mean the difference of selling your song and not selling your song. A great vocal recording is created when you have a recording where you hear and understand every word that is spoken or sung, has good presence and detail and has warmth and character. Lets look at some techniques that will have your vocals sounding like a "million dollars".
  2. Recording your vocal performance is THE most important step to achieve a vocal that will sound detailed and have presence. Before tracking your vocal, you need to make sure you can get the best microphone you can afford. A large diaphragm microphone is the best possible choice for vocals but can be a bit expensive. A microphone like this can withstand high SPL (sound pressure level) making it the number one choice for all types of vocals.
  3. Mic pre amps supply your mic with 48v phantom power. A really good mic pre will give you some compression and or limiting plus eq and maybe other dynamic processing. You can boost the gain of your mic to get a good hot signal to your DAW. A good Preamp can give your vocal track presence that will cut through your mix and sit properly in the track.
  4. When recording your vocal into your DAW, be sure to get the level (signal) as hot as possible but NOT IN THE RED. Peaks are not our friends.
  5. Depending on your type of microphone, the placement may vary. 7 to 12 inches is ideal. If you are using a tube mic allow the mic to “warm up” to operating range. The mic should be at a 45° angle to the subject. If your mic has polarity settings pay attention to set the correct settings.
  6. A high quality microphone stand is recommended. A shock mount should be used to hold the microphone. This can help with bumps while recording and dial the mic in. You should also have a pop screen for the microphone. This can eliminate unwanted plosives (Ps, Bs, Ts, etc.).
  7. If you use these keys while recording, you can achieve a "Million Dollar" vocal recording.

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